May 6, 2016 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Lincoln Center
417 West Magnolia Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521 United States

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Springtime, when everything begins anew: The winter ice thaws, flowers start to bloom, and a young pig is born. Not just any pig…but some pig! This spring, Debut Theatre Company catches you in Charlotte’s Web, a tale of this remarkable pig, a young girl, a spider, and the strand that binds them together: friendship. You will meet fun loving Fern, her mischief-making brother, Avery, their soft-hearted parents, and a few opinionated barnyard animals, as they, along with everyone else, are caught in the magic of a little pig named Wilber. All Wilber wants is a friend, but his options seem limited to a cranky sheep, silly geese, and Templeton, the self-centered rat, until he meets Charlotte, the loving, caring spider. Charlotte shows the true meaning of a friend as she sets out on a mission to save Wilber’s life, even if it means the end of her own.

As Wilber makes new friends, so will you as the Debut Players show the lengths that friendships can go, both on and off the stage. United to create their “magnum opus,” the Debut Players Troupe work as individuals to design, build and act in the plays they create as a troupe. In many ways, Charlotte’s Web symbolizes the bond of Debut Theatre Company: each actor, each strand, pulled together, pulling together to form one single web, one show. With pride they present it to Northern Colorado so each of us might re-discover what friendship can mean, and what it can help accomplish.