If you've ever been on a whale watching tour and saw zip-nada-nothing... it might be time to head to California.

Some may call it an invasion, the influx of whale population along the Pacific coast. Tourists from around the world are rushing to Monterey Bay to see not only the popular Hump Back Whale, but the largest whale on earth, the endangered and largest animal on earth Blue Whale.

The whales are getting closer to shore as strong northwest winds are bringing up a surplus of nutrient rich favorite edibles for the whales, Krill.

The increase in whales has led to great commercialism, but in danger as well. The whales are so close to shore that cargo ships are getting a bit too close and when a cargo ship and a whale collide it doesn't usually fair well for the whale.

"The word is out right now. If you want to see a whale or blue whale or several species of whale, now’s the time to go for sure," said Ken Stagnaro, co-owner, Santa Cruz Whale Watching, who estimates business has doubled this year over last year.

Don't forget to click the links and watch the video, these creatures are amazing and there are some great shots and video to dive into.