Elvis was and always will be the king of rock and roll. It was 35 years ago today that Elvis died. I used to spend every penny I had on Elvis records. I would watch his movies and do shows in my backyard for the neighbors where I would do my Elvis impressions.

I have been influenced by Elvis my whole life and so has America. He changed music. He changed the way it is performed, the way it sounds and how fans react to it. He changed the way we dress. He defined cool. There never has been and never will be anyone like him.

I can vividly remember sitting in my rocking chair in the living room in my basement when David Brinkley broke into regular programming to announce that Elvis had died. I immediately broke into tears. How could my hero die? I was so sad. I went over to my mom's friend Linda Sawyer's house, who was a huge Elvis fan, and just listened to his music and cried with her. It was devastating. He was only with us for 42 years but has left a bigger imprint than any entertainer ever has. 35 years have passed and the world has changed in every way except one...Elvis is still the King. I would not be doing what I do today and lived the life I have lived if it weren't for his influence.