There aren't too many song's or videos for that matter that catch my eye or interest... I'm a busy girl and haven't yet figured out how to slow down. But this song, this video... captivates me.

I don't know what you know of Thompson Square or if you've ever given them a second glance, but if you have ever loved... been afraid to love... this is a song that will take you away.

In the video she looks at him in a way that is so innocent. You don't need to be told, by the way he looks back at her that these two are not just a stunning duo, but in fact man and wife. Keifer and Shawna Thompson teach us in less than 4 minutes that love can survive the past. That love is something you are worthy of and that you just have to take the chance.

The chorus say's it all:

We may shine, we may shatter,
We may be picking up the pieces here on after,
We are fragile, we are human,
And we are shaped by the light we let through us,
We break fast, cause we are glass.
We are glass.

The Thompson's met at a singing competition in Nashville and released their first single, "Let's Fight", in mid 2010. The couple have also released "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not". And this past spring they won the Academy of Country Music Award for Top Vocal Duo.

Thompson Square will be in Denver in July.