Bees are interesting creatures. They are wonderful for the environment, rather cute to look at but still scare the bajeebers out of people. I have had several encounters with bumble bees. I once bit into my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and found a bee inside that stung my tongue and held on like a rodeo cowboy. There was another time I was riding my motorcycle and a bee slammed into my lips and made them swell up like a collagen treatment gone bad. I have had some bad experiences with the bees but still find them amusing.

I feel the same way about drunk people. I have had drunk people take my sandwich. I have had drunk people run into my lip and make it swell up too. I have had some bad experiences with drunk people but still find them amusing nonetheless. Now what happens when you combine the 2? You get a video of a drunk guy high fiving a bee. This so stupid I couldn't quit giggling.