This is my favorite time of the year. I love the fall colors, the cooler temps, football, school back in session and most importantly...less daylight. It's time to set the clocks back this weekend as we reach the end of Daylight Saving Time. I get up by 3 am every day and that makes for a long day. When the sun stays up until 830 or 9 like it does during the summer, it makes for a very long day. I need it to be dark when I go to bed so I don't get much sleep in the summer months. I love when it gets dark around noon.

This time of year lends itself to more structure. There is a get home from work or school time, a supper time and a bed time. Things just seem more orderly in the fall and winter. I am also a large man who looks better in long sleeve body covering clothing and in the dark of night so I am at my best this time of year.

Before you go to bed on Saturday night make sure you set your clocks back one hour. It will make for a nice dark early evening and we will see the sun before 8 am which will be nice for the kids walking to school. This is also a great time to replace those batteries in your smoke detectors as well. I will be so happy Monday morning when my body thinks it got an extra hour of sleep. Fall back this weekend