So many people seem to be obsessed with what they own. They have to have the newest brand name, the latest "it" trend or feel that if they have a certain kind of car that it will make them cool or happy. Happiness and cool have nothing to do with what you own, they are defined by what you have inside. No one is cool because they own a BMW or a mansion, there may be cool people who own them but that is not what makes them that way.

We are defined by what we possess inside. We are defined by our heart, humor, helpfulness, kindness and other personal qualities. When you describe someone you care about do you list what they own? No, you talk about their personal qualities. If we focus more on what we possess inside instead of physical possessions we will all be better off. You can have both but make sure your physical possessions don't define you. I don't want to be known as just a Harley riding Viking fan. I am that and much much more. Be your identity.