I know what you're thinking, Brian Gary knows burgers and some national survey doesn't know squat, right!? Perhaps, but it is fun to see what the burger counters of America think the best burger is in Colorado. Did you see Brian's top burger list? Let's look inside and see what Business Insider has to say.

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Colorado is made up of natives and others who have come from a variety of places; California and other western states are the number one group of people moving to Colorado followed by those in the south.


  • California: although I would disagree, is In-N-Out
  • Florida: it's a burger from the southern area of the state from a place called ROK:BRGR. 18 burgers shine on their menu and feature a farm to table approach.
  • Kentucky: the states number one choice is in Lexington called Tolly-Ho with special Ho sauce, a favorite since 1971
  • Oregon: this best burger comes from a Portland chain, Foster Burger, where everything,but the ketchup is made in house and their signature burger comes with fried onion straws, jalapenos, 2 cheeses lettuce and Sriracha.
  • Colorado: according to the national survey, the best burger comes from Cherry Cricket restaurants. This restaurant and their burgers were featured on the Travel Channels show, Man v. Food. The half-pound Cricket Burger made the way you want it, using a dart board to pick your ingredients was the winner.

Brian's top burger list tops out with the Brian Gary Burger at Randy's All American Grill in Greeley,