I admit I was a sneak when I was a kid. I couldn't wait for Christmas to find out what I was getting for presents, so I used to search for them before the holiday. I am sure most kids did this but I perfected the art. You probably knew which closet to look in or what bed to look under. I tried all of these but all you would find was maybe a wrapped package and you still didn't know what was in it. I took it a step further, I discovered where mom kept the receipts from her Christmas shopping. I would just go the jewelry box and look at the receipts and then I knew exactly what was bought. I thought I was smart but all it did was take away part of the joy of the holiday...the surprise.

I remember one year I found the receipt for a new Viking jersey I wanted, and I was so excited to open it and pretend to be surprised; turns out the surprise was on me. The jersey was for my brother and I got something like the "Giant Cootie" or "Don't Break The Ice".

Be honest...did you hunt for your gifts before Christmas?