I recently wrote a piece Mick Dodge and my love for the Nat Geo channel. I failed to mention I love Diggers too and just wait till you see what they found.

It was 1983 and at the time there was a yearly tech conference in Aspen where all the great minds of the tech industry would get together and talk all techy and such.  Steve Jobs is on record then talking about how email would take over communications, the future of the internet and even the iPhone. Talk about a visionary. It was in 1983 they all decided to bury a time capsule full of tech stuff (and who knows what else) and unearth it in 2000 to show the world.

You know what they say about the best laid plans.  Sometimes 'you know what' happens and things go awry, as in the case of the Aspen time capsule. 2000 came and no one could find it. Due to landscaping changes and changes in the earth itself, they just couldn't find it. I first asked myself, how in the world could the brightest minds of the world not be able to remember or just find this time capsule? Was everyone stoned or what?

Back to Nat Geo. One of my favorite shows on the channel is 'Diggers' that showcase these two nut cases who make their living finding old history. Sure enough, these two goof balls found it. Among the items in the 1983 Apple gold mine is the very first mouse ever used by Steve Jobs.  It's a mouse called a 'Lisa' and is made of wood with two wheels and truly a piece of history that is just priceless.  So will we see a prototype of an iPad come out of there or some version of a laptop?  We'll have to wait for the new episode of 'Diggers' to find out.  I promise, this won't be another Geraldo finds Al Capone's safe.

The 'Diggers Time Capsule' episode will air Tuesday, February 25th at 8:00 PM (MT) on the Nat Geo channel, check your listing for channel information.  Popcorn please...