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The Department of Environmental Health estimates that about 130 million plastic grocery bags are consumed from convenience and grocery stores in Denver yearly.

The Denver City Council holds a public hearing and final vote on a 5-cent grocery bag fee tonight (Monday), but Mayor Michael Hancock has hinted he could veto it. Councilwoman Deborah Ortega proposed the ordinance, which would apply at grocery and convenience stores.

"There is a cost associated with what paper and plastic bags do to our environment," said Ortega. "About 20 percent of the cost of Denver's composting program is taking out plastic. At the recycling facility, we saw the machine gets jammed, and they have to shut down operations until they can pull plastic out of the machine. That costs money."

Similar ordinances have passed in Colorado cities such as Aspen, Carbondale, Breckenridge, Boulder and Durango.

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