So do you really want a new stadium that would be on the CSU campus and cost $250 million? Sure, it would be cool to have the 'on campus' stadium feel but is the cost worth it?  And how will the monies be raised? Through fundraisers or taxpayers...

CSU President Tony Frank mentioned earlier that he had four parameters that had to be met before he would give his approval on a new stadium and it looks like those have been met. Frank will give his decision sometime this Fall.

CSU spokesman Kyle Henley:

When the committee began deliberating seven months ago, the question was whether it made sense to move ahead and if it were possible looking at areas like raising the money and the location. At the end of the day, the report will tell Dr. Frank that most of the criteria that was raised has been met and that we could go on with the project.

There is also plenty of opposition to the new stadium for obvious reasons mostly being that the Rams should stay at Hughes Stadium and the money being spent on refurbishing the current stadium and adding on with a remodel of sorts.

Shoot, for $250 million let's just move the campus to the stadium grounds!