The CSU Oval needs your help. The massive snowstorm we had in October did some serious tree damage. The branches were cleaned up and the tree's were trimmed after they were disfigured by the storm, but now a fund has been established to help ensure the Oval will be preserved for the future. It's called the CSU Oval Preservation Fund.

Just before the storm hit, Todd Harding captured these photos of the Oval:



Here is the release that CSU issued yesterday:

The Oval is the heart of Colorado State University. Its spacious green grass and majestic American Elms have witnessed Homecoming festivities, weddings, graduations, community events, touch football games, and countless students studying or just enjoying the fresh air and shade under the trees' expansive canopy.

The Oval is an intrinsic part of our lives, and a shared memory for thousands of Ram alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and family. After years of giving so much to so many, our beloved Oval now needs your help.

In late October, a devastating snowstorm blasted the CSU campus, leaving thousands of trees severely damaged. Unfortunately, the iconic trees on the historic Oval were not spared. The Oval was closed for 10 days as crews worked to clear fallen branches and mend the battered limbs.

CSU arborists have worked diligently for decades to maintain the integrity of the century-old trees on the Oval, but the University lacks the resources to perform proactive, structural pruning that will lengthen the lives of some of the oldest trees, and help younger trees grow stronger.

To preserve the historic significance of this grand landmark, CSU has established a fund for Oval preservation. A $500,000 endowment will provide enough money on an annual basis to establish a permanent source of income to make sure the Oval remains a healthy, vibrant open space for tomorrow's Rams.