By now I am sure you have seen the mugshot of this guy that went viral.  He has a pretty lengthy rap sheet.  Does he deserve a chance to turn his life around?

Update July, 3, 2014:

As reported by the Huffington Post, the imprisoned felony suspect was rumored to be getting a modeling contract.  This is untrue, according to Bullett. A representative from the talent agency working with Meeks told Bullett and later, Gawker that Meeks hasn't signed a modeling contract.

What does the internet do for people these days?  It can turn everyday people into overnight celebrities from viral videos.  Or rather in this case, from a mugshot.

He is in jail on felony weapon charges, but still manages to get an agent and modeling contract from his mugshot?

Don't get me wrong here, people can turn their lives around and do better for themselves and their situation.

But this one kind of has me scratching my head.  What do you think about this situation?