A cow named T-bone was rescued from an icy pond in Southeast Fort Collins last night.  When crews pulled the 14-year-old Hereford cow from the water, he was suffering from hypothermia and shock. The family pet had fallen down a 25-foot embankment into the water at Kechter Road and the I-25 Frontage Road. T-bone was stuck in the water for more than 5 hours.

Firefighters had to set up a ‘low-angle’ mechanical advantage rope rescue system in order get the cow out of the water and up the bank. The system was anchored to a fire engine and when it was time pull it took more than a dozen firefighters, some in cold-water rescue suits to free the animal and get her to the top.

Once the cow was on level ground she was evaluated by CSU Veterinarians and covered with a tarp in an effort to warm her. At one point the cow’s heart rate was down to about 30 beats per minute, but after successful attempts at rewarming, administering IV fluids and feeding, her heartbeat increased to 80 per minute. Last report from a CSU Veterinarian was that the cow had a good prognosis.

Assisting agencies: Poudre Fire Authority, Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, Poudre Valley Hospital Emergency Services and Windsor Severance Fire Rescue.