You sign up for the store rewards, you clip a coupon from time to time, but have you ever taken it seriously?


I have a friend that is crazy good at this couponing thing, she can save some money, the picture above is from her trip to the store today.... 71% savings! That is incredible, nearly $300 dollars worth of groceries for $86 bucks?!


  • Always check for clearance items
  • Organize your coupons, if they aren't easy to find and get to you will likely not use them and end up paying full price for your items
  • Download a coupon app to your phone and bring the savings to your finger tips
  • Don't forget the power of double couponing, most stores will allow a in-store coupon and a manufacturer coupon

...local grocery store is running a BOGO (buy one, get one free) promotion on ice cream, and let’s say the ice cream costs $4.50 a pop, that’s $4.50 for two or $2.25 for one. I also have a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon plus another $.50 coupon for the same product. That’s an additional savings of $1.50. So that $2.25 is now $.75. Now you’ve just bought two cartons of ice cream for $.75. Wow!

  • Don't forget to ask your grocery store if they double coupons, some may only do this on certain days of the week
  • Pay attention to storage, a deal on 12 laundry detergent boxes isn't a deal if you have no where to put them
  • Coupons are everywhere, check your junk mail, manufacturer boxes, magazines, the doctor's office, newspapers, online and more.
  • Start a coupon swap with family, friends and co-workers