I had heard of urinals where you use your piss to play a video game, and that's brilliant, but the latest in pee-tech I saw was rather annoying. The Colorado Department of Transportation is behind a unique initiative in which they have stocked bars around the state with "interactive urinal communicators" that play an audio message "mid-stream" urging pottiers not to drink and drive. 

When guys walk into the men’s restroom at their favorite local watering holes, instead of just the sound of their own streams and/or one of those annoying video advertisement screens, they’ll hear another man’s voice, judging them by how accurate their urinary marksmanship is.

They also ask bathroom users to "keep a constant stream on this urinal cake to see how drunk you are." Anyone with "Where are your pants?"-level intoxication is, predictably, urged not to drive.

The initiative started last year, but I just saw my first one the other day...

...As long as it's not their to judge size, I won't throw too big of a fit!