“Look twice. Save a life.” A statement you hear many bikers referring to, but it also goes for the person on the motorcycle. Unfortunately with the fun and excitement of riding a motorcycle comes danger. Not every state is created equal when it comes to motorcycle safety. Several states fared far worse when it came to motorcycle accidents. One of those states happens to be Colorado.

Knowing which states did the worst and the actual numbers is one small piece of the motorcycle statistics available, but it should convince riders to be safer!

The US Census Bureau’s motorcycle registration data and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s crash statistics by state and vehicle type make this list possible. Each state ranks in based on the number of motorcycle fatalities in that state compared to the total number of registered bikes in the state.

1. Mississippi 6. Texas
2. Louisiana 7. Virginia
3. Kentucky 8. Colorado
4. North Carolina 9. Arkansas
5. South Carolina 10. Arizona

Colorado did only slightly worse than Arkansas in the top ten. There were 95,000 registered motorcycles in the state, some of which caused 88 deaths. This puts Colorado in at only about .005 percentage points higher than Arkansas.