Really Big Pipes I

Yesterday the City of Loveland knew that they had some problems going on within the city water system. It looks like they have now isolated part of the problem and are working quickly to ensure that the infrastructure will be easier to repair going forward. Here is a statement posted to the city website:

Because the Big Thompson River has widened and changed its flow pathway adjacent to Loveland’s Water Treatment Plant, the river is eroding the earth next to Loveland’s 36-inch diameter main transmission line that brings treated water into town. This is not our only source of water from the Water Treatment Plant.


At this time we have isolated the 36 inch main line which caused residents on Peep O Day, Buckhorn Drive and Becker Lane to immediately lose their water service. As a precaution, we have hired contractors to help us move rock and fill material to prevent this line from being compromised further.


Despite these issues, Loveland Water and Power is confident that the 48-inch main line from the Water Treatment Plant can adequately serve the residents and businesses of Loveland.

The city also reports that Water has been restored to customers on Highway 34 from Westridge Drive to County Road 27 and south of First Street between Taft and Highway 287. They are aware that Westridge Drive is still experiencing low pressure.

Despite the flooding and additional rain in the area, City of Loveland’s water, wastewater and power facilities are fully operational. Loveland’s water and wastewater treatment plants are functioning within facility-specific capacities and regulations. Loveland is not under any sort of boiling restrictions. During these conditions, it is important to conserve water and to turn off all irrigation systems.