The City of Greeley has gone out of their way to help the Bronco's win the Super Bowl by sending them something very special. They've used it before...

It's a fact:The last time our Denver Bronco's were in the Super Bowl, or deep in the payoffs, the team still did all their pre-seasons training in Greeley. A storied tradition for a lot of years and some of those best seasons started in Greeley.

So Mayor Tom Norton today gave his well wishes to the team, along with other local residents, and then sipped on some special water brewed just for the Bronco's in their bid to win the 2014 Super Bowl. So the city of Greeley prepared a special East bound package that contain 75 bottles of the purest water bottled right here in Greeley; the same exact water that propelled them to past Super Bowl wins.

Mayor Norton signed a letter to the team as well and went as far to advise them to

The same water that powered the Greeley pioneers to overcome adversity and settle the rugged west can demonstrate its super powers once again and help lift the Broncos to another Super Bowl win. Call us superstitious – we don’t care!  We hope this care package, with its healing powers and Super Bowl winning ‘mojo’ rubs off on the team. We’ve suggested that they spray it on, sprinkle it around, pour it on injured body parts or just drink it before the game. Hey, it’s only weird if it doesn’t work . . . right?

Right!  I am all for it and hope the Bronco's acknowledge the gift all the way from Greeley. What can it hurt...