Fort Collins LogoThe City of Fort Collins is currently working with community partners including Colorado State University, Larimer County, and others on community clean-up efforts. The City will offer no-cost branch removal and recycling assistance to all residents beginning Monday, Oct. 31; work is scheduled to be complete by the end of November. Both curbside pick-up and a recycling drop-off location will be available. Any residents who need assistance in moving tree branches, or who would like to volunteer to help those residents, can call 2-1-1.

According to the City of Fort Collins:  The City will grind all collected trees into mulch; broken limbs will not be taken to the landfill. The City is currently exploring partnerships with both public and private business to identify the most efficient method to recycle the branches.

Curbside Pick-up

The City has been divided into four zones; each zone will have a scheduled pick-up week:

  • Blue Zone - Oct. 31
  • Green Zone - Nov. 7
  • Yellow Zone - Nov. 14
  • Red Zone - Nov. 21

Work will begin on the north side of town as that is where tree damage is most severe.

Crews will only make one pass per zone to pick up debris.

It is essential that residents have all branches in place before 7 a.m. on the Monday of the week that work in their zone is scheduled to begin. Crews will move throughout each zone during its scheduled week, so residents should be aware that their branches could be picked up on any day within their week. It is imperative to meet the 7 a.m. Monday morning deadline, because crews WILL NOT return to an area within a work zone that has already been cleared.

Please note that this schedule is weather permitting. Residents will be notified of any pickup schedule changes via local media, social media, and

In most residential areas, residents can place their branches in the street by the curb. Residents living on arterial streets (heavy traffic) should not place branches in the roadway. These residents should place branches at the back of the sidewalk or, if there is no sidewalk, at the back of the curb. Please ensure that all travel lanes and sidewalks are clear. In both residential areas and arterial streets, crews will not remove debris from yards or driveways.


To better help City crews clear up the storm debris, there are some general tips for curbside pickup:

  • Avoid parking in the street the week of your scheduled neighborhood pickup
  • Try to make a community pile of branches
  • Avoid blocking storm drains

Recycling Drop Off

If residents wish to clear storm debris before their scheduled neighborhood cleanup, they can drop off branches at the City’s Crushing Operations Facility located at 1380 Hoffman Mill Rd. (see attached map). The Crushing Operations Facility will be open and staffed from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturdays, Oct. 31 until Nov. 23. Please check in at the scale house upon arrival for directions.

Residents can also drop off materials at Hageman Earth Cycle recycling center (fee charged) located at 3501 E. Prospect Rd.