Christmas time is never an easy time on families that already struggle to make ends meet and the need at the Food Bank for Larimer County has solid proof that our community needs a little extra help this year.

Christmas Food Bank for Larimer County FB

In just the first week of December the Food Bank saw 10-thousand clients, an increase of one-thousand over last year.

The Food Bank for Larimer County is a huge resource for the community and families that have difficulties balancing rent, utilities and feeding their families. More often than not families in need have at least one working individual in the home, men and women trying to make a positive change in life. And find it increasingly difficult to meet all the demands of rising rents and food cost's without incomes that rise to meet the times of today. Statistically 1 in 4 working families in Colorado do not have enough food to meet their basic needs.

The Food Bank for Larimer County is falling short in meeting the demands of the county. Your neighbors, co-workers and others are quietly shouldering this burden on their own. Many are too embarrassed to ask for help or even know that help is available. The Food Bank spends countless hours collecting food and spreading the word in the community and in our schools that help is available.

This year, this season especially, the Food Bank of Larimer County needs your help. No family should be hunger and with your help they can reach more homes, more families and provide food for more tables in Larimer County.

A ten dollar donation will provide 40 meals. Last year the Food Bank provided 7.5 million meals to over 36-thousand individuals in need. Your donations matter to our community, 96% of all donations go directly to hunger-relief programs.

Times are tough for everyone, everyday, Christmas or not, but when you can see your $10 donation feed so many (40 meals for every $10) it only makes sense, if you can, to reach out and help. The projected numbers of people to still be served is astronomical, if 10-thousand clients in the first part of December is any indication.(and if you only have a dollar, that is okay too, one dollar equals four meals)

Contact the Food Bank for Larimer County here if you can help feed a family this holiday season.