I have seen Christmas light up the heaviest hearts and I have seen the season dampen the brightest characters. This year I have noticed a mix of both and wish there were something that I could do to turn all the frowns upside down.

As I toast you this holiday season please let me say that I am thinking of you and I know this time of year can be hard.

Wednesday will be the 17 year anniversary of my mothers death and although this year has been easier than the past years,  as the day grows closer I feel some sadness. I only bring this up because I know that I am not alone. I know that you may too be mourning a loss. A loss of someone special, a loss of a job or a marriage.

This past weekend I ran into a man I once knew. A man that once smiled from within and laughed out loud. He would make jokes and be the light of the day sometimes. On this day that I saw him, I noticed that his light had burned out. This man has suffered greatly in the last few years. He has divorced and remarried only to divorce again. He was blessed enough to find his soul mate only to lose her to cancer. As I talked with him I could see that his smile was only on the surface, yet I didn't really know what to do. His sadness was not like mine, mine will fade as the tree's come down and the we ring in the new year. I won't linger in my sadness as I have a wonderful set of friends and an amazing family. This man has no one, he today is alone. I watched him walk away from me and I wondered how many others  have been stripped of their inner happiness.

Here is my holiday wish. When you are out and about, scrambling to fulfill the final items on your Christmas list be aware. Look around and give away as many smiles as you can. Smiles are great as they are free to give. They cost you nothing and could change the season for someone looking for one drop of kindness in the sea of frazzled shoppers.

I don't mean to turn your smile into a frown, its just with so much going on this time of year its easy to forget those whom are alone. We don't do it on purpose, we just get lost in ribbons and bows, eggnog and cookies.

Thank you for spreading cheer and happiness. I wish all the blessing's of the world to you and your family, not only today or until Sunday, but for all season, all the year, all your life.