Pistol Annies formed in 2011 at the hands of Miranda Lambert and also includes long time friend Ashley Monroe and newcomer Angaleena Presley. The debut album called 'Hell on Heels' was released almost a year ago and has little success which surprises me honestly as the trio has a TON of talent and work extremely well together. 

The girls, who all met through working in the industry dubbed nicknames for themselves directed at the band name. Miranda goes by "Lonestar Annie," Monroe "Hippie Annie," and Angaleena as known as "Holler Annie," since she hails from the hills of Kentucky.

The band's title track made it to my personal iPod which is hard to do and as you know the only midnight opening of a movie I have ever attended was to The Hunger Games with my daughter so when I heard The Pistol Annies also did a song for the movie "The Hunger Games" called 'Run Daddy Run' that too had to be loaded onto the pod.

Rumors have it the lovely trio will release another album in 2012; already looking forward to it.