I rode into work today {there's a shocker} and for the first time ever parked across the street under a nice shade tree since it was like 99 when I got into town.  But it was as I was making my way across the street and watching a small semi trying to make the corner off of Main onto 6th that I heard a noise that is never good.

Sure enough, the driver had cut the corner way too short, hopped the sidewalk and clipped one of the cast iron columns that protect the sidewalk corner and light pole.

Well, the driver kept going and to be honest, he probably didn't even know he had taken it out, cleanly!  {Though I'm not sure how he didn't know since he ran over it too.} So I walked across the street and into the nice comfort or our air conditioned building wondering if I should call the city or the trucking company.  Last thing I want to be is a narc but someone was going to have to pay for that and that means your tax dollars.

I decided to go out and move the thing out of the street and lo and behold the truck had turned around down the block, parked and was making a delivery. About that time a p0lice officer was coming by on Main and saw me standing over this so I pointed down to it as if I were saying


The officer turned around and asked what had happened and so I told him.

So why do I feel all this guilt now?  Is it because maybe the guy will get fired for clipping one too many poles, signs etc? Or did I do the right thing?  I just want to be able to sleep tonight knowing I did or tried to do the right thing.