It's been over two years since I have had a real vacation and I need a break.  A real break. No phones, no nothing but peace and quite, some fishing and hiking and quality family time. That's were those of you here in Colorado come into the picture.

My plea to you is finding a great spot I haven't been to in years, or ever, for a nice family camping trip.  We want to spend our time most likely in the SW corner of the state and see all it has to offer but we are thinking we'd like to do a rustic cabin somewhere possibly instead of tents.  I know the U.S. Forest service offers numerous cabins across the state and I have researched most of them but there is no better endorsement than one coming from you.

We'd like to find a spot that ultimately sits on the river.  I'd rather have a tent on the river then in a cabin not on a river. Maybe something around Silverton or Durango for a train trip on the side. Or maybe somewhere close to Glennwood Springs and a side trip to the Hot Springs.

Where oh where should we go?  Must be close to fishing...hiking is a must and little to no people even better.

  • Camping by running water
  • River/lake fishing
  • Hiking
  • Hot Springs
  • Activities

Any ideas?  I will check this post daily for your comments on where you think we should go for some real R & R.  I look forward to your ideas already.