It's Christmas. Get your mind out of the gutter. The title sounds appealing and even Santa knows that sometimes when you're naughty it's nice, but that's another story and another poll. Here is what I want to know today...

I grew up with the traditional sense of Christmas and we always opened presents on Christmas morning. Well, we always got to open one present on Christmas Eve and honestly those are some of my fondest memories. Then on Christmas morning there was always one present that was obviously not there when you went to bed, so you knew the fat guy had made it. It was either too big to wrap or was wrapped in paper that "Mom" hadn't wrapped anything else with.

It was soooooooooooo legit!

Isn't that how the story goes? Aren't we led to believe that Santa never comes until all the good little boys and girls are fast asleep with vision of sugar plums and fairies dancing in their heads? So what gives you Christmas Eve'ers?

Challenging Santa Claus and his infamous ride on Christmas Eve is borderline criminal! How do you all sleep at night?

When I was married, their family did Christmas Eve so we usually did both; to save the marriage. Christmas Eve in Burlington and then headed to Denver for Christmas Morning with my family.

What are your traditions everyone?  Let's get a ton of answers on this poll and let the chips fall where they may.