Charley Pride does not get the credit he deserves. He is not only one of the greatest country singers of all time. He is also one of the bravest men in the history of music. Can you imagine what is was like trying to be black man breaking into the country music industry? I can only imagine what this man went through and endured. He was also a baseball player in the negro leagues and had to battle through that prejudice.

I grew up on Charley's music. My parents were huge fans of his and I was introduced to him as soon as I could hear music. I had the pleasure of getting to interview him a few years back. One of the true honors of my career.

On this date in 1967 Charley Pride became the first African-American solo singer to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. He opened a door that to this day not many have passed through. God bless you Charley. Thanks for being the class act you are.