There's an old saying that goes no news is good news on most occasions. I believe this is one of those times and this will be the last of my weekly Honor Post.

Bring Them Home

Let me first start by saying you know I have never given up on anything; especially our troops and our military. With that being said, it's also true that we have kicked butt over the last 12 years and troops who are KIA are at an all time low. It used to be a rarity that we had a week with no death, and now the KIA numbers are the lowest they have ever been.

I believe it's time to revamp the Weekly Honor Post to an 'as neededHonor Post because I think it's important to get on with our lives and not wait for some weekly reminder of who died overseas while protecting our rights, flag and freedom. If someone is KIA I assure you I will be one of the fist to know and will post that information within 24 hours because I also believe most are like me and want to put a name to a face and thank those who died for my/our freedom.

I wear my RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) every Friday and will Never Forget! I have never missed a Monday Honor Post in over 2 1/2 years; not once. I will continue that vigilance.