I have never brought attention to my birthday. This year is different. My big day is one week from today and this year I have only one wish...

Most of you have heard about my crazy idea of riding 3 Iron Butt rides at the same time to raise money for Honor Flight Northern Colorado. It takes a $1000 to send a Veteran to Washington D.C. and my goal is to send 10 of them, hence the 10,000 mile ride in 10 days. My personal goal though is 50 Veterans or $50,000 but that will never happen without your help.

So, for my birthday this year, I am asking you to sponsor some miles to help send these Veterans on a future Honor Flight. It's only $1 a mile and you can sponsor as many or little as you can afford. Our Veterans deserve this and these trips are not free despite what many might think. I have about 4000 miles sponsored already but my birthday wish is that I hit that 10,000 mile mark by midnight, April 15, my birthday.

So how can you donate? Here are three (3) easy ways to contribute to the ride:

  1. If you’d like to send a check, please write it to CFSGWC c/o Honor Flight (Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County) and then put HF Endurance Ride in the memo line. Please mail to the attention of Charley Barnes, 600 Main St., Windsor, CO 80550.
  2. To donate via PayPal or a credit/debit card just click this link.  Once you do, please make sure to send an email to BikerDude80634@yahoo.com (or leave a message on the ride page on Facebook) and let me know how much you donated so I can equate that to mileage and adjust the pledge sheet. If you donate online, you must let me know for it to count.
  3. I will collect cash anytime. If you need a receipt, I can provide one for you.
  4. You can sponsor miles at anytime by visiting the Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride page on Facebook and either email your intentions or post it directly on the page.

Keep in mind that your money doesn't have to be collected until the ride is actually finished so if you want to sponsor a 100 miles today but can't pay till June, that is perfectly fine. We/I just need your commitment to sponsor some miles. For more information please hit the official Endurance Ride page and make sure to click the 'About' section.

Please help my birthday wish come true and send this story to every Patriot you know with ties here in Colorado and Wyoming and let's get as many Veterans to Washington D.C. as we possibly can.