Some friends and I over this past weekend were talking about really bad tattoo's and how they happen and the aftermath of a bad tattoo.  I got to thinking and was curious who has the worst tattoo here in Northern CO so let's find out! Bad tatts don't have to be from a bad artist but maybe just a really bad idea.

I am looking for really bad tattoo pics.

You got one?

You don't have to include your face; just a pic of your bad tattoo.  For your efforts I am currently working on getting a local tattoo shop to help end your misery once and for all and let's see if we can get that atrocity 'covered up.'


Email your bad pics directly to my attention before Friday September 14th at I will then feature all the bad tattoo pics I get on Friday September 14th and a poll for you all to vote on which bad tattoo is worthy of being the best bad tattoo of Northern Colorado.

Email those pics to and I will keep you updated on a potential prize and if we are successful the chosen winner WILL have to prove the bad tattoo sent in is in fact on their body.  If nothing else you still get the title of having the best bad tattoo in Northern Colorado.

It'll be fun and all in good spirit.  I mean we all have something we probably aren't all the happy about and if your tattoo was done during a drunken stupor it probably qualifies. So don't take it too serious, just send in those ratty bad tattoo pics...ready, set, gooooo!