Since 2006 hundreds have been getting together every year around Christmas to brave the cold and raise thousands of toys for Santa Cops of Weld County and the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run is about to take it to the next level.  

We are about to officially become the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run, Inc having applied for full tax exempt status as an official 501(c)3 organization.

The Greeley Colorado law firm of Suhre Law Firm, LLC, the same firm doing the 501 work for Journey 4 Justice, is also doing the legal work for the Sleigh Riders and helping take the charity to the next level.

We are more than happy to help out our Greeley community in any way we can and it's always a pleasure working with a great citizen like Charley Barnes and all the good things he does not only for Greeley and Santa Cops but for our country with Journey 4 Justice - Bill Suhre

The "SR" Board of Directors

President - Charley Barnes

Treasurer - Lesli Wulf Cullen

Secretary - Kenny "Bagger" Oldson

Don't forget to get pre-registered for the "Summer Series" run June 30th which offers one of the largest cash payouts in the entire country.  Riders have already pre-registered from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and of course Colorado.  If you are planning on riding in this years Summer Series run please visit our FB event page and click "attending."

The end location has been picked and will be announced either later today or Monday at the latest as soon as a few details are worked out.

Get registered today and get free breakfast and a free SR shirt plus cheaper registration fee. Everything goes up the day of the event and breakfast and shirts won't be FREE at that point. Click this link to pre-register today and we'll see you in June!