As another Thanksgiving comes around, I find myself more thankful this year than ever. There are many reasons, I'm sure many are the same ones you're thankful for, but when you're as lucky as I am, you need to stop and count your blessings and I am especially thankful for one specific person this year. 

Lesli and I met about a year and a half ago through Journey 4 Justice.  Lesli was one of the first original members back in that second week of June, 2011. Officially she is the TL (team leader) for the Nebraska 1 team and she has been extremely instrumental in helping me form and shape this group in those first few months to the present.

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Lesli is the type who gives and gives and then gives some more.  Little did I know when we first started dating how much she has impacted her own community with her tireless efforts to help those in need. Mainly the The Open Door Mission - Lydia House, The Shelter (Domestic Violence) and helping many Veterans at the VA Hospital in Omaha NE.

This woman is not only a rock in her own life, but also in the lives of those around her. She is a Mother of the Year, every year, and what she has done for me and my children go way beyond words and I simply can't express enough gratitude towards her so I wrote this blog to shout it from the top of the mountain.

Of course I am grateful for everyone in my life; especially my kids Joe, Cade, Mason and Taylor and of course my Mom and to my closet friends that have been with me for many, many years helping me through all my trials and tribulations. But this year I am most grateful for my best friend who has put up with probably way more than she bargained for.

I love this woman with all my heart and soul. I am truly one of the the luckiest men in the world and if you have that same feeling, then you get it.  Fate is real and if something is meant to be it shall come to fruition.

So this year, I am most thankful for Lesli Wulf...I love you more than you'll ever know.

As Lesli would say,

If we are lucky, we get a once in a lifetime love - the kind of love that exists that you believe anything is possible. It is a rare and precious gift of love and friendship, and I thank God for it every day