I have ranted before on this, maybe even more than once, but I feel I must rant one more time. Even just for the sake of simplicity, I must. 

It never fails going home from Windsor via Hwy 257 to Hwy 34. The speed jumps right up to 65 MPH less than a mile past the stoplight but it seems 80% of the people I follow think it's still 55 MPH since that is the sign 100 yards prior; how they miss the next one is beyond me.

I think most (who aren't paying attention anyway) just assume it's 55 MPH because it's a 2-lane road. If you're lucky, the lead vehicle will speed up to 65 MPH once they pass the Water Valley turnoff and enter the long sweeping 'S.' What really puts a burr under my saddle blanket are the ones who refuse to even do 55 MPH all the way through and then do 75 MPH as soon as they hit Hwy 34. I am pretty sure that 65 MPH means you can do 65 MPH be it on a 2-lane, 4-lane, 6-lane, 8-lane road or any other road in the Universe.

I understand if you don't want to do the speed limit, and I'm OK with that, but, can you pull over so the rest of us can?

Here's a friendly tip

When there is no one in front of you, and vehicles are stacked behind you for as far as the eye can see, chances are very good that you my friend, are the problem. Gas pedal is on the right, brake on the left, and the speed limit signs are there for a reason. Oh, and don't forget to fill the blinker reservoir so it works.