It's Friday and time for "Vickie's Corner."  Vickie Downing is a good friend of mine I met through Journey 4 Justice in 2011 and I started this feature because not only is she a fantastic writer (get the Websters handy) but she loves our Constitution and takes their values very serious; regardless if she personally believes in them or not. This week is another great example of extruding common sense.

The President paid a frivolous visit to Colorado this week. Sequester Be Damned.

He was here compliments of an estimated one million tax payer dollars to stroke the head of his gun-grabbing minions saying, “I've come to Denver today in particular because Colorado is proving a model of what's possible.” Obama added that the state in regards to gun control has shown “practical progress” which in loosely translated liberal lingo means “we have only just begun.”

Vickie Downing

Thankfully, the president was not here long enough to screw up the Rockies opener. But! To use a baseball euphemism, the bases are loaded. In other words, team Obama is all set to smack the second amendment clean out of the state.

On first base is the Governor beaming in the limelight of ill-conceived gun control legislation signed into law which includes universal background checks complete with extortion fees and a magazine ban none of which can be enforced without - dare I say it - universal gun registration.

On second base are assorted spoiled sport Colorado republicrats wagging the naughty finger at the good guys aka law enforcement (sheriffs in particular) who refuse to enforce laws that conflict with their oath of office (sworn to and on behalf of the good people of Colorado).

On third base is the president hanging out with UN Goon Ban Ki-moon waving the UN Global Arms Trade Treaty like a rice paper fan while they discuss how to ban old folks (aka silver-haired military veterans and those pesky patriots) from owning guns. Confiscator general Ban Ki believes all 50+ers suffer from ACF or “attenuating cerebral faculties” whatever the heck that means. If the Global ATT does not affect the domestic use of firearms why are we talking about gun totin’ senior citizens?

In between innings bureaucratic concessioners are hawking everything from extortion insurance to exorbitant ammunition taxes to outright firearm bans. Fans of the gun-grabber in chief are cheering him on chanting “nobody needs 15 rounds.”

To the cheering section I say, I will protect your first amendment rights with body, soul and gun whether I agree with your words or not. However, the argument over gun control has nothing to do with “needs” or for that matter an “arbitrary number of rounds.” When you whittle down all the loose rhetoric based on knee-jerk reactions to admittedly distressing current events - it is about rights. Not just my rights. They are your rights, too. When we forget, ignore or impugn the rights of others – we ALL lose. Rights Reciprocity is Rights Equality. You cheer as my right to keep and bear arms is compromised for no good reason so I reserve the right to laugh out loud when the powers that be infringe upon the right to free speech which means you get to sit down and shut up. Sadly, that means all of us get to sit down and shut up.

Vickie Downing is a geographically challenged Texan now living in Fort Collins - She loves books and rides on the Harley.  Her support for our Veterans and the Military goes above and beyond and she bleeds red-white and blue everyday.