I was in a digital meeting today when our DPD {Digital Program Director} asked me what I do in the Winter since I can't ride.  Those of you who know me can visualize the look on my face when asked that question and his expression to my answer was the same as mine when asked the question.

I provided a simple answer and the only one I know: I ride!

There is no such thing as a 'riding season' for me and handful of others I know.  Those of us who ride all year do so for a reason: we love to ride!  Winter just makes it more fun!  When I am asked "is it cold" the response is "not if you have the right gear."

My same response goes to everyone.  How about snowmobiles?  What's the difference?  One has wheels and the other has skis.  Snowmobiles can't go on the asphalt and bikes don't go on ski slopes but we both have one thing in common:  CWG

Cold Weather Gear!  And no, I don't have heated seats and grips and I surely don't have heated gear.  Might as well stay in the car if that were the case...I prefer wiping the frost off my seat at 7pm before riding home.

Anyone up for a ride?