As many of you know, or at least I hope you have noticed, I have been writing a weekly KIA Honor Post every single Monday now for almost a year. If we are taking time to honor those who were KIA then we should recognize those who did make it home, especially here in our own Northern Colorado backyard, and highlight what they did for our country.


My personal goal for 2013 is to try and mix the good with the bad every Monday.  I want to hear from those who have served with a story to tell or perhaps it's someone you would like to nominate to be featured every Monday.

I would like to start this for next week so if you have someone in mind please email me some details.

  • Persons name
  • Rank
  • Branch
  • Years served
  • Honors
  • Injuries
  • Accomplishments
  • Why you are nominating the person
  • At least one picture of the person

This could be about anyone in your life. Doesn't matter what war they fought in.  From WWII to Operation Enduring Freedom.  If they are your hero and you feel they should be recognized then this is your outlet and opportunity.

Please email above information directly to me at