Charley Barnes is doing an amazing job on his 10,000 mile in 10 day mission for Honor Flight. He has now gone from the Canadian Border to the Mexican border in less than 24 hours and then coast to coast in 2 days. What an incredible journey. Charley will begin leg 5 of 9 and will reach the halfway point of his trip sometime today. He is riding strong and the bike is riding great. I am so proud of this man and what he is doing. You still have time to donate. Check out the link below to see how you can help.

Here is Charley late last night reaching the coast in Florida.

Charley Barnes, TSM

Tomorrow I will be giving details of our plan to bring Charley into town on Saturday morning. I will give time and location so all that want to ride out to Sterling with me to meet up with Charley can know what is up.

Here is the itinerary for the rest of Charley's ride. Don't forget you can track Charley at all times by clicking the link below and follow his GPS.

  • Leg 1  Weld County Veterans Memorial to Sweet Grass, MT 858.2 Miles-Done!
  • Leg 2  Canadian Border to Mexico Border (Border to Border) 1446.2 Miles-Done!
  • Leg 3  San Diego, CA to Junction, TX (CC50) 1168.4 Miles-Done!
  • Leg 4  Junction, TX to Jacksonville, FL (CC50) 1176.3 Miles-Done!
  • Leg 5  Jacksonville, FL to Florence, SC (Via Miami/Tampa) 965.8 Miles
  • Leg 6  Florence, SC to Portland, ME 938.4 Miles
  • Leg 7  Portland, ME to Hagerstown, MD (Via Bangor ME) 998.5 Miles
  • Leg 8  Hagerstown, MD to Green Bay, WI (Via Lexington KY) 1116.0 Miles
  • Leg 9  Green Bay, WI to Greeley, CO 1153.3 Miles