I don't need to remind everyone about what happened this past Friday in Connecticut so the question today is who should own guns I guess.?  "Everyone" is my simple answer.


At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself who is going to die I guess.  Your child or the gunman!

It's an easy answer.

All you anti-gun people will all give the answer, I hope.  We obviously would do anything we can to make sure our children never die like this but in the real world, it can happen and it does.

Making guns illegal as a whole is just asinine.  Like any criminal cares about the law?  I am just blown away at the people who thinking making guns illegal will stop anything; it will only make things worse.

So back to the hypothetical question.  A gunman enters your child's school.  One of two things is GOING to happen. He will put a bullet in your child or a teacher will put a bullet in the gunman....what's your choice?

Ya, I thought so.

We should arm at least one teacher or more depending on school size.  No brainer!  How many jobs are out there where you have to be bi-lingual or something to that affect.  Well, we should have teachers who also have permits to carry guns and well trained on the payroll.  Every single school should be required to have X amount of armed staff per students, period.  There is no reason why the History or PE teacher can't help defend our children and I am sure there would be thousands offering to do so.

What are the other options?  And STOP blaming guns.  All this talk about pistols and rifles and the ease of use blah, blah, blah.  The bullet makes all decisions.  Where it originated from is pointless, the end result is a bullet and a dead body.  So if anyone is going to die tomorrow, let's start making it the scum who would want to shoot harmless and innocent children.

Wake up America!