The collective smell of a fair or festival is second to none one of the best, right behind fresh cut grass and the mountains after a rain. What's your favorite fair/festival smell?

Frozen Cheesecake - Photo courtesy of TSM

It never fails, I can never decide what to eat or what to eat first. Good lord, I'm 51, why does it have to be so difficult?

Do you go for dessert first and just pound down a funnel cake, dippin' dots, berry ka-bob or head for something a little lighter. Maybe you head for the main course but wow, where do you start.? There is only so much money to go around so do I want chicken or maybe a loaded Indian Taco?

Wings?  Burger with all the deathly goods stacked on top? How about some BBQ that requires a parcel of napkins to clean yourself up afterwards? Turkey leg? Pizza the size of newborn infant?

My head hurts, so, I think I will just start with some frozen cheesecake and see where it goes from there but I am leaning towards that Indian Taco since I've never had one.

What's your favorite fair food?  Leave your comment below and we'll keep checking and announce them on-air today.