This weekend my wife Kyla and I decided to head up to Central City and try our luck at the casinos.  I had only been there one time before and did okay. We are early risers so we go early in the day when we are the only ones without oxygen tanks. Last time I was there I heard the sirens going and bells and whistles hollering. I didn't know if I was on someones hose or if I hit a jackpot. It was a jackpot.

I did not hear any of those noises this time. I sat down at a penny slot machine and immediately lost $40 in 8 spins. I had no idea a penny slot machine could cost $5 a spin. How can you can it a penny machine when you need to play $5 for a chance at the jackpot? That is like saying a soda is $1 but costs you $4 if you want a straw. I tried the John Wayne machine and had no idea what was a winning combination and what wasn't. Was 3 spittoons and and spur a win? I have no idea. Bottom line is I lost my shirt and few other things but we still had a great time.

Although my wallet was hurting we thought we should at least hit the jackpot for our bellies so we stopped at the original Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs on the way home and had a killer pie. It was all worth it to me. I will be back to try to win my shirt back soon.