Today is Dine with TV Dinners on the Floor Night. This sounds like the perfect kind of dining for watching the Broncos on Monday Night Football. I have always had a fondness for the TV Dinner. It used to be such a treat when we would all get our foiled covered tray, peel it back and dive in.

My favorite has always the traditional chicken dinner. It consists of 2 unidentifiable pieces of chicken and one leg along with the splotch of molten hot mashed potatoes, a glop of corn and that gooey brownie thingy that ends up with a couple of errant kernels of corn in it. I know this is far from 5 star cuisine but it has always warmed my heart and tummy.

Hit the freezer section on the way home tonight and grab a few for the family. Gather the whole gang together and sit on the floor in the living room and watch the game tonight. Enjoy a trip back in time with your family like we've been doing since the 1950's.