My neighbor Heather's beloved cow, Banana Split, died last month. I offered Heather a hug and words of comfort then asked, 'Are you going to eat her?" Heather said no, Banana was full of antibiotics. I will miss this sweet milk cow who had been in the pasture next to ours for past three years. To see the first time my horses met her, please click HERE.

Other cattle died in eastern Colorado last month. They were shot and left to rot in their pasture by someone that Colorado authorities are now searching for. This is beyond upsetting on so many levels. Denver7's excellent story may be hard to watch but I recommend it.

The Lincoln County Sheriffice Office is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the shooter(s).

The most recent killings happened July 30 near Hugo.  In addition to the cattle, antelope were found dead as well. The perpetrator(s) will face felony charges including animal cruelty.