What Do You Think is the Sexiest Accent? [POLL]
I have always wanted to learn another language but have been too lazy to do it. I took 2 years of Spanish in high school but don't remember much except for being able to say "where is the bathroom?" and "open the window". I feel those 2 will help me in most situations anyway…
The First Country Album to Sell a Million Copies Was…? [VIDEO]
Until Randy Travis came along it was very rare, in fact unheard of, for a country album to sell a million copies. That just didn't happen. There were popular artists and great songs but nobody was sending people to the record stores in masses to buy their music until this album hit us in 1976.
Ten Months Into the New Me – Where Am I and What is Next?
It has now been 10 months since I changed my life and hooked up with Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. This has been the greatest thing I have ever done and it keeps getting better every day. I have been on this earth for 52 years but everything I do feels brand new because I have never experience…
The Best Album You Won’t Admit You Own Turns 25 [VIDEO]
I will never forget the day I first day I heard it. The whole radio station was floored. We played it over and over and knew something special was about to happen and it sure did. I am talking about the day I heard Billy Ray Cyrus sing 'Achy Breaky Heart'.

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