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Where’d You Learn That Song?!
Sometimes I worry that my foul language, and possibly other bad examples, might bleed over onto my girls.  But it seems they realize I'm not necessarily proud of those "all too human" moments, and they do a pretty good job of recognizing those things that wouldn't be…
Best American Cities For Good Old-Fashioned Fun
What, according to Wallet Hub at least, constitutes a "fun city?"

Movie ticket prices
Number of public parks and theme parks
How many ice cream shops the city has
The weather
Number of bars

Top Ten Fun Cities?
1.  Orlando...
First Colorado Town Gets Citywide Internet
While there's been rumors of this coming to Fort Collins for quite some time, Longmont went ahead and said, "Let's Do This."  (But not necessarily in a 'Home Depot' sort of way.)
The City of Longmont has been laying the fiber-optic line for this project sinc…

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