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Your Exclusive Early Access to Habajeeba 2018 Tickets
The Good Morning Guys Habajeeba Good Time Variety Happy Hour Comedy Show is returning to the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley on Friday, January 26th. Tickets start at just $13 and will go on sale to the general public Thursday, October 19, but K99 Country Club members get exclusive early access…
My Annual Message for National Stop Bullying Day
Today is National Stop Bullying Day and there are few things I embrace more than the idea of this day. There is nothing about my past that I would change except for the way I treated people when I was younger. I have lived my life trying to make up for the unkindness I showed as a young man.
Reason Number 114 Why I Might Have To Punch Todd Harding
I have been working with Todd Harding for 30 years now and I love this man. I love him dearly but at the same time feel the desire to slap him around a little...oh trust me, he deserves it. Todd, Susan and I always have each other's backs but there are things that each of us do that drive the o…

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