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Who Makes the Most Delicious Donuts in Northern Colorado? [POLL]
Sometimes there is nothing as tasty as a fresh baked delicious donut. I have been in love with them since I was a kid. My Uncle Glen used to own a bakery in Walhalla, North Dakota. It was right across the alley from my grandma's house and we would smell that aroma of fresh baked donuts wafting …
Will You Watch the State of the Union Address Tonight? [POLL]
Well tonight is the night we dreaded as kids. The night when every single channel, that was 5 when I was a kid, will be all showing the same thing...the State of the Union address. I remember hating this night as a kid. The only thing we had to watch other than the address was PBS so we always watch…
My Thanks for Another Incredible Habajeeba Show [PICTURES]
Wow! What an amazing night. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show Friday night. Habajeeba 2018 was a huge success and I am still floating. There was so much love and laughter in the air that my heart is still bursting. My dreams once again turned into reality.
Peyton Manning to Replace Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football?
Peyton Manning has always had a great personality that really shows on TV whenever he hosts a show, does a commercial or anything. It is no surprise that his name has been circulating in the rumor mill as a possible replacement for Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football next season.

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