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My Latest Health Update- Where I am Now and Where I’m Going
I haven't checked in for a couple weeks about my new health adventure and creating a new me. I am still on top of the world. My initial end all goal was to get just below 200 lbs after starting at 333. I hit that right before Thanksgiving, with my superstar team at Benchmark Medical Group in Wi…
Happy Birthday to My Hero, My Friend, My Dad
I want to wish a happy birthday to my hero, my dad. I was one of the fortunate ones who grew up knowing I was loved and cared for every single minute of my life. I was taught how to give and receive love. I was taught that laughter, kindness and compassion are 3 of the keys to being a good human
Teacher Tuesday Took Us to Greeley Central High School [VIDEO]
Every week we head out to present our Teacher Tuesday Award from Tutoring Club and bring great stuff from Old Chicago, The Melting Pot, Rodizio Grill, Earles Flowers and Gifts, Star Painter Productions and Chipper's Lanes. It is always such a great feeling to hit that classroom and bring a teac…
Three New Songs You Need to Pay Attention to on K99 [VIDEO]
One of my favorite things about doing what I do for a living is introducing you to new music. I love discovering a new artist or song that knocks me out. One of the greatest things about music is how it changes all the time and how they keep coming up with new ways to tell a story.

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