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See My Granddaughters Hilarious Drawing of Her Mother [PICTURES]
Kids are unpredictably hilarious. They do things that make you laugh without even trying and that is such a blessing. I am so fortunate to have three, soon to be four, amazing and entertaining grandchildren. Some of the best laughs you can have is when you give a child art supplies and an assignment…
My Personal Plea For Your Help With the 28 Hours of Hope
It all begins Thursday at 5 am. The 20th annual 28 Hours of Hope is just a couple of sleeps away. I will come in here Thursday morning to a lobby full of tables and phones and people I see once a year, all gathered together in anxious anticipation of making a difference and feeling the pulse and hug…
Happy Birthday to the Ultra Cool Hal Ketchum [VIDEO]
I love going to back to when I first began at K99 and pulling out some of the great songs I was playing when this career began. I remember back in the very early 90's hearing a guy named Hal Ketchum and thought his folksy, unique style was a breath of fresh air.

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