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What It is Like Getting a Colonoscopy?
Yesterday was a first for me. I had my very first colonoscopy. I am a 52 year old man and everyone my age needs to have one of these...period. I am trying to take care of all aspects of my health and this colonoscopy has been on my mind since I turned 50 so it was time to get it done.
What Were the Top Five Songs 20 Years Ago Today? [VIDEO]
This week Kane Brown had the top song on the country charts with his smash hit "What Ifs". It is always cool to look back and see what songs were at the top in past years. I thought we'd jump in the time machine and go back 20 years to 1997. Todd and I were celebrating 10 years on the…
Does It Really Always Snow on Halloween? Here Are the Facts
Halloween is less than 2 weeks away and we have had temps flirting with the 80's lately. That seems kind of odd when we usually expect snow around Halloween but then again we know we can go from 82 to snowy and 38 in the span of 24 hours in these parts, but will it happen this year?

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